Jax - Java Application eXtended Controller - is our base unit for the development of protocol independant distributed web applications. This low cost controller implements all integration tasks on the automation level.

Jace with I/O

  • Wide protocol support
    • By default, we support all modbus types, Bacnet IP, MSTP, LON, EIB-IP, SNMP, M-Bus, Z-wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, oBIX and Honneywell C-Bus
    • Digital und analog I/O using the expansion modules IO-16 und IO-34
    • We also develop drivers for custom solutions

  • Protocol spanning functions  HLK

    • Alarms
    • Historization
    • Schedules
    • Web based visualization in HTML or as Java applets
    • iPhone and PDA support

  • Graphical editor for defining complex business logic
  • Transparent network communication with other jaxControllers and with the jaxServer
  • GPRS module for wireless communication


Data sheet jaxController 200/600 

Data sheet jaxController M2M

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