Niagara C-Bus Connectivity Kit, new available as Jace Option Card

We extend the comprehensive Niagara driver package with a kit for the Honeywell C-Bus integration.


This kit is the perfect solution for all users which are looking for an integration of the Honeywell Excel family. The driver is connected with the C-Bus using an IEC converter. This microprocessor controlled unit takes care of all low level communication tasks. The driver supports serial and TCP/IP based communication between the AX station and the IEC controller. Check our screencasts describing some of the features:

  • Available as Jace option card or DIN-Rail mounted device
  • Seamless integration into the Niagara AX system
  • Serial (RS-232 or RS-485) or TCP/IP based communication between the Jace and the converter
  • Scalable solution, up to 3000 data points and 29 C-Bus devices per driver-network
  • Reading and writing of DDC data points. Supported are the following types: digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, pseudo digital (virtual), pseudo analog (virtual), totalizer (slow and fast), pulse, multistate
  • Support for reading and writing of extended attributes
  • Compatibility with the Excel 5000 family (XL50,XL80, XL100, XL500, XL600 and XL800)
  • Point discovery directly from controller
  • Alarm Integration
  • Editor for Daily, Weekly and Yearly (Daily Maintenance) Schedules

Data Sheet  C-Bus Connectivity Kit Datasheet

Quick Guide  C-Bus Connectivity Kit Quick Guide

New Features Driver Release 4.x  New Features Driver Release 4.x

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